New MONET Publication appears in JACS!

We know now what a molecular substituent effect on reactivity might feel like to the touch, thanks to this work by Shu, Haley, and colleagues!  Read all about it in work  just published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.

Mechanism Dictates Mechanics: A Molecular Substituent Effect in the Macroscopic Fracture of a Covalent Polymer Network

Shu WangHaley K. BeechBrandon H. BowserTatiana B. KouznetsovaBradley D. OlsenMichael Rubinstein, and Stephen L. Craig

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Julia Kalow receives Marion Milligan Mason award

Congratulations to Julia Kalow, recently named one of only 4 recipients of the 2021 Marion Milligan Mason award by the AAAS! The biennial award, which grants $55,000 each to four or five early-career female scientists conducting basic research in the chemical sciences, are funded from a $2.2 million bequest to AAAS in Mason’s will to both support women in chemistry and honor her own family’s commitment to women’s education. The award winners are selected through a two-stage review process. Research proposals are subjected to criteria that include the potential of their research to advance knowledge and understanding in their field and beyond and to benefit society.

Klausen receives ACS award!

Rebekka Klausen

Congratulations to Rebekka Klausen, recipient of the 2021 ACS Award in Pure Chemistry!  Quoting Jillian Buriak (U. Alberta) in C&EN: “Professor Klausen’s work on polysilane chemistry is absolutely groundbreaking not only from a nanoscience viewpoint, but due to the smashing of preconceived notions of silicon chemistry, silicon can finally be viewed as much more than a poor relative of carbon in terms of synthetic chemistry. She has shaken up the world by showing that one can truly synthesize precise and controlled silicon-based molecules, and by extension, silicon nanomaterials.”