Broadening Participation

The chemistry of the future, driven by the chemical community of the future.

In MONET, we want to provide research opportunities to the broadest range of participants possible. Independent undergraduate research experiences improve retention in the sciences, increase interest in pursuing a Ph.D., and are particularly beneficial for students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. The cost and availability of individual or small-group mentored positions, however, has led to calls to complement traditional research experiences with additional opportunities that can be delivered at scale. This is where MONET seeks to make a difference. With BigSMILES and GIGA, we are uniquely positioned to provide distributed and distinctive Access to Research Training (ART) experiences that: (1) engage in scientific practices; (2) emphasize collaboration; (3) examine broadly relevant topics; (4) seek the unknown (process of scientific discovery); and (5) integrate iteration (science builds on itself). Our “ARTists” will receive easy, online training in the open-source, graphical user interfaces we build and deploy as free online apps, and are invited to help populate the GIGA database from data in publicly available manuscripts. We’ll keep you up-to-date with our collective progress, and you will see how your contributions help to fuel scientific discovery for the benefit of humankind.

Whether you are an undergraduate chemistry major thinking about graduate school, or an avocational scientist at home, we want you to join us! ART is an ever-evolving program, so check back here and/or follow us on Twitter (@CciMonet). Details of future opportunities should be available in the summer of 2021!