Informal Science Communication

What is a polymer? Why do tires and artificial joints wear out, and how can we prevent that? What would polymers “sound like,” if they were music? These and other questions are addressed in the musical concert/scientific exposition entitled “Art of Polymers,” and we encourage you to engage with us as we explore the past, present, and (most importantly) future of polymer chemistry. Watch our show (an excerpted musical piece is provided below), share it with those you know, and/or if you are interested in setting up a watch party and inviting a MONET researcher to attend for Q&A, send an email to monet-cci at duke dot edu! We look forward to hearing from you!

Our goal is to convey the following messages:

  • Polymer properties positively impact quality of life
  • Big challenges in polymer chemistry include enhanced lifetime and mechanical performance
  • Advancements that address those challenges must consider global sustainability
  • Specific technical accomplishments of MONET
  • Science and art depend on the synergistic interplay of creativity and mode of execution
  • Chemists come from everywhere and play many different roles in scientific research