Partnerships for Research and Education in Chemistry (PREC)

MONET seeks partner institutions for the NSF-CHE Partnerships for Research and Education in Chemistry (PREC) program.  PREC aims to enable, build, and grow partnerships between minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and CHE-supported Centers for Chemical Innovation.  Goals include increased recruitment, retention and degree attainment by members of those groups most underrepresented in chemistry research, and at the same time fostering excellence in research and education endeavors that strengthen diverse scholastic networks between MONET institutions and MSIs.

The PREC program includes two Tracks to catalyze the development of research and educational endeavors at MSIs as well as to improve the PREC pathway (recruitment, retention, degree attainment). Track 1 focuses efforts on establishing and strengthening the PREC pathway through concentrated research and education collaborations. Track 2 includes additional opportunities for expanding the PREC network while also building larger collaborations and enhancing research capabilities at the MSIs with support for the integration of research and educational activities.

The MONET team is excited to jointly develop partnering activities with MSIs, and we are particularly interested in activities that:

  • tangibly broaden and nurture participation in research activities at both MONET and the partner institution(s)
  • lead to impactful systemic changes that are clearly manifested through research output, productivity, and student retention at both MONET and the partner institution(s)
  • take advantage of the enabling data tools for polymer chemistry being developed by MONET and our partners

If you represent an MSI and are interested in exploring a PREC partnership with MONET, email us at

More information on the PREC program can be found in the program announcement.