Undergraduate Research

To promote the progress of science, MONET labs regularly host paid Research Experiences for Undergraduates (or REUs).

Click the map below to locate new opportunities to participate in research! 

Here, we show a map of available opportunities with the MONET center.

MONET Principal Investigators (or PIs) can click here to update this presentation with their most recent openings.

REU’s open doors to valuable opportunities, including:

  • Laboratory research experiences
  • Hands-on learning and mentorship
  • Potential for mentors to provide letters of recommendation
  • Summer programs and teaching assistantships
  • Internships and career experience
  • Scholarships and fellowships

MONET encourages students of diverse backgrounds, domestic and international status, and students at institutions who may not already have an extensive research infrastructure to apply.

Click here to learn more about MONET’s commitment and efforts to broaden participation.