Claude Monet signature with chemical insignia; MONET project logoThe Center for Chemistry of Molecularly Optimized Networks (MONET) will transform polymer and materials chemistry by developing the knowledge and methods to enable molecular-level, chemical control of polymer network properties. Our vision is to treat networks as complex chemical systems so that the full power of synthetic, physical, and theoretical chemistry is rationally directed toward overarching challenges in de novo molecular network design.



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Another part of being #BlackintheIvory is being shamed because you won't apply broadly to academic jobs.

"Well, you don't want it bad enough." Uh, no, I'm not trying to live in a small White town where they've only seen Black people on TV.

I wrote an article for White academics who keep asking me what they can we do to support Black folks.

I don’t hold back.

Start by sharing this article with other White people and do the work.

#highered #BlackintheIvory


#BlackintheIvory My first day of work someone from the chemistry department physically blocked me from getting my mail in the faculty mailroom. Threatened to call the police because they thought I was a student trying to steal mail. Didn't believe my faculty ID was real.

Being told by white faculty that my dissertation using oral history to examine Black subjectivity was “not sociology” and having to change my dissertation chair because of my choice to continue with the project. Then winning the ASA best dissertation award. #BlackintheIvory

Hearing a white student in your grad program ask if you can “keep up” with the rigorous nature of the work. Lost track of him after he dropped out. If you see him, send him copies of my books and be sure to drop the name of my endowed chair. #BlackintheIvory

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